Write Your Workout & Nutrition Journal

Do you already have a training/workout and nutrition notebook/journal? If no, then you should start using it and write in it DAILY. This type of writing will for sure help you stay on track and you might find it inspiring to document your exercise routine in particular. For over the past 10 years, since I’ve been on my own personal fitness journey, I have used at least 8 different notebooks. And it is wonderful to check back my beginnings and progress i made. Sometimes i will do my very old workout and check how much I have progressed.

They also make me laugh because at the beginning i didn’t know how some exercises are called, so i drew those little men, which were showing me how the exercise should look like. I must say those notebooks are very special to me. So how should I use them?It is very simple. In the notebook write down all the exercises and the workout you do each day, duration of your workout, intensity level and how it makes you feel when you finish your daily workout routine.   

Second important thing to note down is what you eat each day and when you eat your food. Even if what you eat remains the same, the timing of each meal and snacks can affect the way you feel and perform. After a month or two, a pattern will likely emerge. You will notice when you ate well, your workouts were also the best. When you ate well, you felt really good as well. This is a perfect example how important the bond between nourishment and performance is.Also when you eat whole foods, which you will most likely prepare yourself, you will eat less and lose weight faster. This is simply because you are eating very nutrient dense foods, which are full of all macros and micros your body needs. Plant-based foods are one of the top foods on the planet. If you are thinking of going plant-based i suggest you give it a try. It is not dull as you might think it is. I have plenty of recipes on this webpage, which your should try..

What also motivates me is the image of the notebook i write in. It simply has to be BEAUTIFUL.

In this case you will love to write in it and it will drive you forward to keep on going with this great habit.

Notebooks or journals are a great reminders as well, specially on the days when we feel low and with no energy or motivation to do our workout. On those days i suggest that you grab your notebook and just read few sentences you wrote about how the workout made you feel after you’ve finished it. Read about your goals and what you really want to achieve. I am sure it will change your mood and you might find yourself in your workout gear in no time.

So, now grab your favorite notebook and start with day 1.

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