• Do you get bloated often and you don’t know why?
  • Do you suffer from excessive gas?
  • You are eating healthy but you are still struggling to lose weight?

Well if you answered to one or all questions with yes, then you need to focus on the right way of combining your food. If you don’t have any issues, then you can combine your foods as you wish.

Tip 1: Eat fruits in the morning and early afternoon 

Fruits are very fast absorbing foods and they digest very fast (20 min). You can eat them as a mono meal (1 fruit at a time) or make a smoothie with green leafy vegetable (you can combine vegetable with any fruit group). If you are combining different type of fruits make sure sour goes with sour and sweet goes with sweet.

Tip 2: Eat your starchy lunch with vegetable 

Combine rice, potato, quinoa, sweet potato, pasta (brown, whole grain) with tons of veggies. Prepare your veggies with different styles. Starches will digest in 2-3 hours. Don’t mix it with a protein.

Tip 3: Eat your proteins for dinner with veggies.

Proteins digest the longest (3+ hours) but it all depends what kind of proteins you are eating. Does it come from animal or plant based source?

A good plant based combo would be either tofu, beans, lentils, chickpeas, seitan (wheat protein) or any other plant based protein with veggies (stir fried, steamed, cooked, baked). If you are eating those food combos for dinner, you will be full longer and you will not wake up hungry. On the other hand, if you are eating carbs at night, you might wake up very hungry. In my case, this is very true.

Tip 4: For snacks, in between meals, you can choose:

  • Delicious chia pudding with almond milk
  • One fist of mixed nuts
  • Hummus dip with veggie sticks.
  • Protein balls with dates, nuts, and coconut….
  • Green smoothie
  • Protein smoothie

There are a lot of options.

Tip 5: Don’t forget to drink your water. 

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