How to register to Hotel Virtual Gym Packages

  1. Register with selected email address, choose USERNAME and PASSWORD
  2. Go to shop and select a package under the HOTELS (monthly or yearly)
  3. Once you are in your profile you can:
    1. Add a member/guest by sending them invitation via their emails
    2. Once guests receive the invitation link, they click on it and the system will ask your guest for NAME and SURNAME. In this case you can give your guest your selected NAME (VILLA 111) and SURNAME: Mr. Smith; or guests can choose their name by themselves
    3. When guests leave the hotel/resort, you can remove them from the team and the seat will be added back and you can use the seat again with another guest
  4. You can offer my fitness webpage, workouts, program to your guests as an added value of your hotel service
  5. Or you can even sell them further with your own prices
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