Perfect Morning Routine

Not everybody is a morning person and some people like to sleep-in and skip the magic and the freshness of the morning. But if you are the morning type of person what does your morning routine look like? How do you re-fresh yourself after a good night sleep?
Here are some cool tips, which you can do first thing when you wake up.

  • Little stretching in the bed, especially for the back is always a good idea. After we have been sleeping for few hours, our bodies are more or less stiff and people usually feel some discomfort when they wake up. Doing light bed yoga with 2-3 exercises will help you to easily do the first step out of your bed. If you are experiencing more severe back pains every morning then maybe try to check your mattress. It could be to soft for you. Change it for harder one.

  • Drink water! Second very important thing to do is to drink a big jar of water, or even better Lemon water! It will refresh our body and start your bowel movement.

  • Have a quick cool shower! If you haven’t tried cool shower yet first thing in the morning, you are missing on big time. This will wake up the entire body, in and out. It will start the circulation of your blood and your mental clearness will become sharper. Try to exchange with cool and warm water and see what happens to your body after.

  • Drink pre-workout black coffee to boost your fatty acids to be burned (30 min before the workout). If your next step is your workout routine then black coffee is another great wake-up booster. It will spike up your energy levels and get you ready for a killer workout.

  • Do the Workout of the day! A lot of people love to train in the morning simply because they get it of their mind and schedule. Morning workouts are great to boost your metabolism and they get you going. No need for extra words here. Just simply give your max!

  • Continue with a nice longer stretching or some light yoga! After a workout stretching is a rule. There is nothing better to give your body some gentle pampering and gentle cool down. Stretching will flush away your lactic acid, which was built in your body during your workout. But you have to do stretching one hour after the workout. Stretching will also help you to recover faster and to prepare you for your next workout. And it simply has a relaxing feel to it. So don’t skip it.

  • Take another refreshing shower! No need to tell you more here!

  • Eat big delicious breakfast! After the workout you have to feed your body and your muscles. If you want to build strong and lean physique you can’t skip your meal after a good workout. It is important to refuel your glycogen reserves, which were depleted during your training. If you will go to long without a meal, your body will start to search for another source of energy and in this case will go for your muscles and proteins. Here are some example of a good nutritious breakfast.
    1. Oats with fruits and protein powder/hemp seeds;
    2. Baked beans with veggies;
    3. Protein oat pancakes;
    4. Veggie chickpeas omelette

  • You will find these recipes in my Nutrition page.

And now your perfect day can start! I hope this will inspire you for crating your perfect morning routine.

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