What Do We Need For A Long Term Success?

During the weekend i was reading one Fitness magazine for women and i came across one article where 6 women, who are already doing fitness for a long time, explain what is the hardest thing to achieve a long term success. They all said it is not the workout routines nor the heavy weights or the sweat all over their body not even the diet. So what is it then? It is the mind!

Our mind is the one who decides if we will continue or we will fail. They also explain how important is taking the first step and setting our goals. First we need to create a healthy habit of having a strong mind set. Second we have to set a determination and desire for what we really want to achieve. When we are sure about our goals and this is firmly set in our mind, then miracles can happen. No one and nothing will be able to stop us. And this does not refer only to our fitness level or just to our eating habits but for everything we do in our lives.

One of the best exercises to test our will power or our mindset is 100% a PLANK HOLD. This exercise is an amazing example how our mind works during the exercise. When the real struggle while holding a plank kicks in, the question is “Will we continue or will we quit and drop on the floor?”  Who will win? Our strong mind or our weak mind?

If we want something badly i believe nothing can stop us from achieving it.

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