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Maya is a great trainer and fitness athlete. She motivated me to come back after an injury and operation. I could not workout for nearly a year. I know Maya already before she got a baby and know how fit she was. After pregnancy she came back and she worked hard and now she is very fit again. She inspired me and motivated me very much! She showed me not to give up and to change my life again. Thank you so much for your help!!! You are awesome?
Katharina Friedrichova
Not only is Maya one of the best fitness instructor on the island, she is also an expert on healthy eating. She gives us weekly challenges for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She is diverse in different styles such as tabatta, amrap, HIIT, yoga, Nirvana etc. I really enjoy Maya’s workout. I strongly recommend that you choose Maya to sculpt and design your dream body coz she simply can !!!!!!!!!
Sam Ya
Maya is a pure inspiration! Her workouts can push every single person on Earth to start changing his body. Look at her – muscles and abs everywhere – the example of personal body instructor.
Пламен Найденов
Maya totally walks the talk and is an inspiration. She knows what shes doing. The workouts are always changing, never boring and always challenging . We are so lucky she is here, totally dedicated to her clients. Maya is passionate about exercise and encourages a wellbeing lifestyle in how we eat !!! She is the real deal !
Mimi D’offay
I love the quality and variety of Maya’s exercises! They keep things interesting along your fitness journey and her passion motivates you to push yourself forward. Very much recommended!
UC Light
I have been training with Maya for sometime now, I started her classes a few years ago ñ I had to stop due to unforeseen circumstances in relation to my work.. I was discouraged to even think about an alternative! But when I moved to Greece 2 years ago up till now Maya have been motivating me through her videos on youtube.. She’s always 1 message away.. She has been everything I’ve expected ñ more!

She is the kind of instructor that assess the needs of others ñ incorporate it in her daily exercises. What I like the most about her! ? She will always share everything she knows esp guidance on what keeps your body happy ñ she will always answer all your queries without hesitation! She makes the exercises fun ñ challenging ñ anybody can join at any time because she always shows a modify version if you’re a beginner, so it’s easier to catch up! She has so much videos on her YouTube channel from beginner to more advanced!

She always improvise ñ adapt keeping all her clients happy (just like the situation we’re in now with COVID 19, she’s doing live classes which helps because we are all at home).. I have seen tremendous transformation with my body esp after changing my eating habits into more healthy food through her channel.. I would highly recommend her even if you’re not from the Seychelles (trust me, you will feel like you are right with her)!! ??
Meggy Gertrude