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  • full-body-strength

    6 Weeks Beginner Full Body Strength


    Dear Beginner,

    In front of you is 6 Weeks Full Body Strength Workout Program with follow along videos. All of the videos are specially designed for complete beginners and they are easy to follow and do. 

    In this series you will focus primarily on your strength, where you will get to know a lot of different exercises, which are very basic and they will build great foundation for your future fitness and workouts.

  • sweat-to-shred-vol-1

    6 Weeks Sweat to Shred Program


    6 Weeks SWEAT TO SHRED program is an intense workout program for intermediate and advanced fitness levels, which can be done in the comfort of your own home or in the gym. 

    If you are looking for toned, strong, lean and athletic body, from head to toe, then this program is for you. We will be working hard for 6 days a week with 1 day off as your recovery day.

    Workout schedule is focused on:

    • 3 Full Body Days from Sweat to Shred Series
    • 1 Lower Body focused Day from Booty & Legs Series
    • 1 HIIT Cardio day from Hiit Cardio Series
    • 1 Core focused day from Abs on Fire Series
  • personal-training

    Personal Training

    $100.00 for 1 month

    If you would like to take your workout to another level, then booking your private session is your next step.

    This offer is fully customised to your fitness level, to your abilities and to your specific goals.

    After personal evaluation (done via ZOOM call) I will create a customized program for you, with a unique weekly schedule, you can easily follow from the workout library.

    This offer stands for 1 month worth of personalised training program.