Full Body Strong – 5 Days Split


Welcome to your 5 Day Full Body Workout Plan, which you can do in your gym or at home. The program is focused on 5 working days with 2 Lower Body Days , 2 Upper Body Days, 1 Cardio & Abs Day. The rest 2 days are meant for your Active recovery days, where you can relax, do cardio, hike or yoga and mobility drills.

This program comes with workout plan for each day. Next to the workout breakdown you will see photos of the exercise with video attached to it, which shows the proper forms and modifications for beginners. This videos are not follow along videos but only 30 seconds video demonstrations.

If some of the exercises will be too challenging, please modify them to your own fitness level.

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  • LENGTH: 6 Weeks Workout Plan (you can prolong it to 12 weeks)
  • FOCUS: 2 Lower Body, 2 Upper Body, Cardio & Abs
  • SPLIT: 5 Day Split
  • FOLLOW ALONG VIDEOS: No, pdf only program with 30 sec videos demonstrations

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