Set Up Some Juicy Goals and Change Your Game

All the time i hear this these words: “I want to change my life. I want to change my eating habits. I want to loose weight. I want to be fit and healthy.”

But we all know that this words/thoughts/actions are the hardest decisions at the beginning simply because we have to change something in our life, which is making us comfortable but yet very uncomfortable.

Developing sound goals is critical to your performance and in order to see long-term success, you need to be clear with what you want to achieve. So to be successful in changing something in your life we have to follow few simple steps:

  1. Set up a JUICY GOAL, which will really come from you. Something, which will excite you and drive your forward every single day.
  2. Choose SMART goals, which are: A: Specific (simple and clearly define what you are going to do – I will do 20 Push ups in 30 seconds) B: Measurable (I want to lose 5kg in six weeks) C: Achievable (Goals should be challenging and realistic and for example to lose 22kg in six weeks is not realistic) D: Results-driven (Burn 400 calories during the HIIT class) E: Time-bound (Give yourself a deadline)
  3. Ask yourself WHY? Why you want to achieve this goal, why is this important to you.
  4. WRITE DOWN your goals, make them visible, and make them as a reminder. The more you see your goals, the greater the chance that you’ll achieve them.
  5. SHARE your goals with the world. Post them on Facebook or Instagram. Studies show that people are more accountable when they believe others expect them to do something.
  6. BE CONFIDENT and know you can achieve these goals. But take small bites. Take a larger goal and divide it into small goals. This method will give you grater feeling of accomplishment and will drive you forward. Enjoy every successful reached goal and share this step as well.
  7. Stay BALANCED and CONSISTENT with your fitness and diet approach. Go step-by-step and steady rather than rush into it and go on and off with extreme diets. Make your changes gradually until your diet and workouts are routine.
  8. Create only 2 NEW HABITS per 2 weeks and not more. If more you will be more likely confused and you will surely give up.
  9. SETBACKS are ok and part of the game. Good planning and preparation can help to limit the number of bumps on the way. Make sure your healthy snacks are always ready and next to you. If you don’t want to train alone then ask your friend to join you. In this way you won’t bail out to often from your workout routine. Even though you will miss few sessions of your workout routine and maybe you will eat to much at some point, don’t let that hinder your progress. Reset your commitment and get back to it.

EXTRA TIP: One of very good tips I have received is to make those goals visible. Write them on a white board and put the board in a place you are spending most of your time. In this way those goals can set into your mind and become part of you.

My long term goal is to be way stronger and shredded than i am now and i wish to inspire people so they can be strong as well.

What are your goals?

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