How to measure your Fitness Progress?

In this video I’m explaining and showing you 5 top ways how to measure your progress in your fitness journey.

Measuring your progress is super important because it will give you a clear picture where you are right now and a nice visual view of your physique. It will serve you as well as great motivation when you will look back and see how much you have progressed over the time, be it in your physical appearance, your fitness strength and gains. And in general your overall health. So don’t skip this part when you are starting your fitness journey. For this task you will need your Fitness journey notebook or phone, where you will log in all your data and fitness progress and all your workouts.

The Measuring Techniques:

1.Taking Before & After Photos

2.Taking your measurements

3.Choosing one clothing item

4.Scale and weigh in

5. Fit test with specific exercises

At the end of the video i am also doing a real time plank test challenge, so don’t go anywhere 🙂 

VIDEO LINK: How to measure your Fitness Progress

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