I Am Not Your Average Trainer

You want to train with me but you are not sure if I am “the one” for you?

As a trainer for sure I have the passion for my work and because of that you will feel motivated throughout the entire workout, which is very important. My workouts are fun and creative, never boring and I always bring something extra for “the end”. I will challenge you, I will push you over your own limit, and I will take you where you thought you couldn’t go before. You will see results and you will feel good about yourself.
I think the most important thing, as a trainer is that I give myself into these classes.

You are not a number to me; you are individual who has individual needs. I will train with you, sweat and scream and shout with you. This is the only way we can do this together, to be as a team. You see, while working out I can be the best motivator and by achieving that I need to feel the same muscle as you are feeling. I need to feel your struggles; I need to go on this path with you in order to push you. In order to see results. But in the same time I will make sure that I always listen to you, to adjust the program to your needs and capabilities and the most important thing is that we GONNA HAVE FUN.

So are you with me?

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