For the past few years I have been dreaming about having my own fitness platform where I could share all my knowledge about fitness, my workouts, my nutrition part and share it in one place. Finally all those pieces came together and I can proudly present my work to you and for you on this webpage, where you will find a huge selection of an amazing and transforming “follow along” workout videos, scheduled for every day of the week. If you subscribe to my subscription part of the webpage, You will get access to full variety of different classes suitable for everyone, from Beginner level to Advance, from High Intensity Cardio to Strength and all the way from Stretching to Mobility drills. This part is fully accessible only for the Members.

So far I have created 9 different workout programs or series for every fitness level and each program differs from the other.


This program focuses on bodyweight exercises only. You will not need any equipment, except your yoga or exercise mat. You will not need your shoes either because you can do all of the exercises barefoot. I am covering all the basic exercises here and it is a good start for everyone who wants to begin with fitness. The structure of each workout is different in style, length and body focus from the previous one. But more or less in this program I cover full body and expect a lot of cardio as well. All of the workouts last from 15-30 min max and they are super fun. Because this program is without any equipment, you can literally do it everywhere you go. Perfect while traveling and while on vacation.


This series is meant for complete beginners and for people who are starting over with their workouts. In this series you will focus primarily on your strength, where you will get to know a lot of different exercises, which are very basic and they will build great foundation for your future fitness and workouts. Since you will be focusing on your strength, you will need a pair of lighter or medium size Dumbbells and a Booty Band.

Most of the workouts are structured in a circuit style with reps and few are structured with timer. Before you start your workout I strongly suggest you do 5 min Warm Up video and after, safely enter into the scheduled workout. You will also notice Buy-in and Buy-out exercise, which you need to do before you do the main daily workout. In this Series the Cool down and Stretching routine is added at the end of each video and I advice you not to skip this part. Stretching and mobility work is very important for your recovery, reducing muscle soreness and it will get you ready for the next day. With stretching you will also experience “feel good” feeling after the workout, which is very soothing for your mind and body.


This workout program is focused on shaping up our butts and legs. Every girl/woman wants to have nice, toned legs and round booty and those workouts are designed to give you just that: BOOTYLICIOUS BUTT and SEXY LEAN LEGS. To get those nice legs and firm butts I am using my weights, which are usually from 5kg -10kg, depends on the exercise. I am also using my favorite piece of equipment, which is KettleBell. If you haven’t worked-out with KB, you don’t know what you are missing. It is that good. In this series I am also using Power Bands with different strength levels. For lower body I usually train with heavy to medium strength.


Imagine wearing sexy, tight jeans with tank top, showing those nicely shaped upper body muscles. I think nothing beats this! In this series I am focusing on shaping up our shoulders, arms, triceps, chest and back. And our entire CORE, which are upper, side and lower abs, plus lower back. Having strong upper body and abs will give you this nice upright posture, with shoulders rolled back and belly sucked in. If your back is strong and abs is tight, you will impress everyone. In this series I am using kettlebells, lighter weights, power bands and jump rope.


This series is focused on building your strong core from all angles. You will work on upper abs, lower abs, your TVA – deep internal layer of your core, side obliques and lower back. You can do this workouts every day after your main workout. Working on your core is the foundation, it is your “power house” and strengthening it will help you with better posture, better control of your body and it will help you to protect your back and prevent your lower back pain. So, don’t skip this Series.


Well Tabata style workout is one of my favorite styles to train. The timer is unique and it stands for 10/20, which means 10 seconds is your rest interval and 20 seconds is your maximum effort interval. Don’t be fooled by short amount of time you are actually doing an exercise. Trust me, 20 seconds is more than enough to put you on your knees. The secret ingredient for Tabata success is: only if you are really pushing hard and giving your all. Usually Tabata lasts for about 4 min per a block but you can always mix and match however you like. In this series I am using different equipment or just our own bodies. It is cardio based most of the time. Very short and effective workout style, I would say.


And here we have my strongest and hardest workout program suitable for my advanced trainees. And as the name indicates: You will get sweaty, shredded and ready for any kind of even in no time. It is very intense. In this series I am focusing on full body, where I am using heavier weights, power bands, jump rope, pyramid style or ladder style workout, time challenges, different reps and sets and so much more. If you are a beginner, I strongly advise you to modify some of the exercises. In this case you can still do those workouts and get fast results from them.


Honestly those types of workouts are one of my favorites to put together. If you want to get more flexible and increase your mobility then this series is for you. I am borrowing different exercises from yoga, Pilates and bodyweight exercises, combining them together in unique style, which you will absolutely fall in love with. With combinations of different workout styles, this series is fun, enjoyable and you will get the benefits of getting more flexible, mobile and relaxed with a lot of stretching and toning. Usually we are doing those types of trainings on our rest days or when we are just not feeling we want to push hard. Those workouts are also LOW IMPACT WORKOUTS, meaning they are gentle on your joints with no heavy jumping what so ever. And they are suitable for beginners. Usually they last for about 30 min and they are the longest workouts in my series.


This is my own style of combining two training worlds in one unique program: YOGA & BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES. We all know the benefits of stretching but not everyone is into yoga. So I am combining one interval of yoga pose with one interval of dynamic bodyweight exercise. The intervals are always different but I try to hold yoga pose at minim of 30 seconds and maximum of 60 seconds. After the yoga pose we will always do one body weight exercise, which will serve us as a toning exercise. Very easy on joints and suitable for all fitness levels.


Doing a weekly challenge exercise was always a fun idea for me. So I thought why not to post every week a different, specific exercise, where you will be able to try it out and get better at it in your weekly scheduled routine. It is like having a drill, where you will get better at it every day. So, every week I will present a new exercise, from very basic to maybe more complex. You will have to complete certain amount of reps of this exercise every single day. That is 7 days of practice and I am sure in time you will master it to the perfection. Saying “Practice makes perfect” comes to life here.

So here you have it. Description of all workout programs and series we will be working on. Over the time i will create more and more, add new series so my platform can evolve and grow. I hope this will help you to get the body you always wanted and what is the most important: To feel the best that you possibly can.

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