Girls, Start Lifting Your Weights

Girls, if you really want to loose weight, get nice toned body and feel strong, then you have to start working out with some weights. Challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid of getting bulky and big because this is yet another myth. We simply do not have high levels of testosterone like men do and thus our muscles will grow at slower pace. When you see all these bodybuilder women with huge manly muscle development, you have to know those muscles are achieved due to testosterone and hormone injections to increase muscle growth. And it is not natural by all means.

A lot of girls and women are doing only endless cardio, which lasts more than 45 min in the gym using all kind of treadmill machines, thinking this will give them the Bikini Body they are after. This kind of fitness approach will only make your body look like drained, possibly skinny but not toned and nicely shaped with muscles. On the other hand weight lifting will shape you up. You will burn way more calories than just on cardio machines. And if you will combine weight lifting with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) you will uplift your game and will be one step closer to your goals. And trust me, some serious weights will give you that heart rate pumping, sweat will be pouring out and you will kill two birds with one stone: Cardio and Strength Training!

Remember one thing:

  • Lighter weights = more reps with faster pace for endurance
  • Heavier weights = less reps with slow and controlled pace for muscle mass growth
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