Snack On Healthy Nuts

Do you want to eat a healthy snack that will fill you up and won’t make you feel guilty? Here is one cool idea. Snack on nuts. They are full of nutrients and healthy fats, which will make your fell fuller for longer time.

If you will eat one fist of mixed nuts like cashews, walnuts, almonds etc. before your meal, you will actually eat less. The easiest way to prepare a handful snack is to mix them in a glass jar and put them in the fridge. If you want to get 100% benefits from nuts soak them in pure water over night and eat them like that the next day. They will be kinder to your stomach due to released enzymes, they will digest faster and your body will absorb all the rich and beneficial nutrients.

You can also take a small package of nuts with you “on the go” or simply have a jar of nuts at your work place. With an added apple they are going to take your sweet tooth and cravings for junk food away.

So snack on those nuts.

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