Fitness Has to be Fun

Can fitness and working out be FUN and ENJOYABLE?

In my opinion fitness simply has to be fun, has to be exciting and you have to look forward to your next session even though it is sometimes very tough and demanding. But how do I make and keep my fitness life fun at all times? In this case you have to have fun workout routines, which you will be looking forward to do every day. And the same goes for the clothes you are wearing in the gym. So go and buy some nice workout clothes, funky and sexy clothes. When you are going to wear them they will motivate you.

Don’t care what other people think about your workout style. It doesn’t matter. Cos after all you are wearing them. Some girls like to wear short shorts and just sports bra and that is ok. We wear short clothes to see our muscles; how they are shaping up, how we are slowly getting definition and so hard earned gains. We are also watching ourselves in the mirrors there. But again not to show off but rather to see if we are working out with proper form and we like to see how our muscles contract and move. It is a very nice feeling when you see how you are sculpting your body. Remember you are the creator of your body. Train hard and you will get the body you want.

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