How to finally see your Abs?

How can I train and sculpt my abs? Which exercises should I do to finally see my abs? How to get rid of my belly? Those are few of the most common questions i get and if you want to know the secret, then keep on reading.

First of all you will need to start training and working out with conscious mind and muscle connection. You will have to focus on the body part you are training. In this case your abs. If you will do a training with your mind all over the place, you will most likely do a half job. So whenever you do your training always focus on squeezing your core muscles.

One of the best exercises for strengthening your abs is holding a PLANK. Plank will engage your entire core chain and it has an amazing effect on building those 6-pack abs.

Every time before starting your daily workout you will start by holding a plank for 4 min. If you can’t hold it in one go then split it with 4 intervals. You will rest for 10 sec and then try to hold it for 50 sec. Repeat this cycle for 4 times. If this is still to intense for you then simply try to hold it till you max out. Even if the first day your max hold will be just 12 seconds, it is ok. You gave it all. Tomorrow you will try to hold it for at least 12 or 13 seconds.

Then do your regular workout routine. And when you are done repeat holding plank again. Do it every day and trust me you will see an amazing results very fast.

Plank is also one of the exercises where you put your will power to the test. Who will be stronger when the pain kicks in? You negative mindset telling you you can’t do it? Or your positive mindset telling you you can do this?
You have to convince yourself that your body is strong and your mind is even stronger. If you will give up when you will feel the first pain, your body will not have a chance to change and get stronger. So push your limits and before each training be strong in your mindset first. Then miracles will happen.

Happy Planking 🙂

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