My Fitness Journey – From Beginner to Professional

First of all let me tell you little bit about myself.

My name is Maya and I come from a small European country, Slovenia. Some time ago I moved to a beautiful tropical paradise island, Seychelles, where I found my dream job as fitness, group and personal trainer and as a yoga instructor. Over the years my training evolved into different training styles (be it high impact, low impact, cardio, toning, stretching, mobility and flexibility) such as High Intensity Interval Training, Pilates, Sport Yoga and my own little mixture of Pilates and Yoga combos.

All of my hobbies are and were somehow connected with fitness trainings. I am always on the move-be it on the beach playing valley ball, swimming, hiking in the mountains etc. I love to travel to different places as well. But my favorite hobby of them all is making my Fitness videos and healthy lifestyle videos for my You Tube channel (Maya’s Fitness – Design Your Body) and now for my own webpage Maya’s Fitness – Design Your Body. I started my you tube channel in 2014 but I wasn’t really consistent with it till lately when I’ve decided I will get more serious with filming and try to help people all around the world with my fitness trainings, healthy recipes, tricks and tips. I love to film my videos because they represent a challenge for me every single time I press record button. But the real fun part starts when I do my editing. That is an art itself, I must say.

My fitness journey started when I was diagnosed with heart disease, which I was born with. I was only 18 when doctors told me that I would need an operation on my heart in just a few years. At that time I wasn’t into sports so much. I was neither fit nor skinny. You could say I was little bit on a chubby side. I was avoiding sports as much as I could and eating all kind of unhealthy foods. But doctor’s news totally woke me up. I said to myself I will not have this operation and I will fix my heart. So I took control over my health. I started visiting gym; jogging 4-5 times per week, started eating very healthy and I started to meditate on a daily basis.

At that time I also decided that I would be a vegetarian. I cut all meat and fish out of my diet. Later I said goodbye to eggs and dairy products as well. And in 2007 I became vegan, which means I didn’t eat any animal products anymore. It didn’t take me long time when I noticed some positive changes in my overall health. I lost around 8 kg, I had more energy, I was more relaxed, positive and happy. My skin looked fresh and clean. I felt really good, both mentally and physically. And I was even happier when I received another great news from doctor’s office. She told me that I won’t need any operation on my heart because my heart is totally fine. Fine as it can be. I knew that this happened because I completely changed my lifestyle.

This encouraged me to get involved into sports as much as I could. Few years ago I discovered amazing training approach, which does not require gym membership and tons of different heavy machines. I got into best shape of my life using only my body weight and few free weights. I started doing High Intensity Interval Trainings and this type of training gave me amazing results in just short amount of time. Besides that I cannot stress enough how diet is important in our life. No matter how hard you train if your diet is not on spot you cannot lose weight and get fit.

At that time I was training only for myself but later more and more people were asking me about my trainings and workout regimes and if I could train them as well. Because I am very kind and humble person, I said yes. I decided that I would like to train people professionally so I enrolled into fitness courses to get my license as a personal trainer/ sport nutritionist/ Yoga and Pilates instructor as Nirvana Fitness instructor.

Nevertheless, I am studying fitness every single day. Not only with myself but every single client I have, teaches me a lot. I learned I have to be flexible and get as much knowledge as possible to help my clients’ needs. I see fitness as never ending story where new approaches are found on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

My goal with this webpage is to get You into the best shape of Your life, to deliver an amazing and effective workouts for all levels, to make You feel good inside out, to show You healthier way of eating through healthy diet variations and to have fun while working out. I want to share all my tips and tricks I got to know through the years of trainings and I want people benefit from them as well.

I hope together we can accomplish goals towards healthier, happier and fitter life. And remember fitness is a JOURNEY to your best LIFESTYLE ever.

CEO, Maja Agrippine

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  1. I am totally impressed and believe all you have shared with us. It takes a lot of self motivation, determination and self control to achieve these results. Your story has given me hope. Do NOT give up on us !

    1. Awww, thank you so much Noemie. It means a lot to me. I’m sharing these stories for the exact reason you mentioned: To give hope to everyone and if i achieved it, so can everyone else. You just need to find the right way, which would be perfect for you. And this way needs to be exciting. <3 Thank you for your love and support.

  2. Maya has been my inspiration and motivation since from the first time i met her.

    I was chubby chubby little lady.. 65 kg and with her guidance.. intense training i lost 12 kg over 2 years. It was a journey and such a great one indeed. No special diet but exercise and healthy eating… thats it. Wanna thank Maya for all her support.. and i would definetely recomend her as a trainer.

    1. Awww my gorgeous Sandra <3 Thank you so much <3 It was and it is my upmost pleasure to help you in any way possible. Keep on thriving, my fiend.

  3. Great information. You have made a fantastic transformation.

    Can you explain how you came to the Seychelles?

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